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Free Movie Tickets : Buy 2-Get 1 offer on movie tickets @ Ticketnew

ticketnewClick here to get a free ticket on purchase of 3 tickets


 You need to pay Rs.20 to get this voucher from Dealsandyou.


To get the offer:-

Visit Promotional here to register at Dealsandyou

After purchasing the coupon from Deals & You, log on to and follow the booking process

Choose 3 or more tickets... At the Payment page choose Deals & You under exciting offers... Enter the offer code and press apply discount

Your 3rd ticket becomes Free

The Fine Print
  • Valid till June 15, 2012
  • Valid only on
  • Valid from Monday through Friday
  • Timing: 09:30 to 20:30 hrs (For enquiries)
  • User can avail this offer only twice during the offer period
  • Only 1 ticket free per transaction on purchase of 2 or more tickets
  • Offer is applicable only on transactions with minimum 3 tickets
  • One coupon valid for 1 transaction only
  • Multiple coupons can be purchased
  • Convenience fee will be levied on each ticket, including the free ticket
  • Tickets once purchased cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged
  • TicketNew reserves the right to disqualify any customer from the benefits of the offer
  • TicketNew reserves the right to withdraw the offer without any reason or prior intimation
  • Cannot be combined with other existing offer/s
  • For Terms and Conditions, kindly refer to -
  • /Theatre/TermsandConditions.aspx
  • For enquiries, Call: +91 9790905588, 044-42454444 

Offer Includes:

  • Buy 2 Movie Tickets and Get 1 Ticket Free
  • Facility valid across India – Except Tamil Nadu


How to Redeem:

  • After purchasing the coupon from Deals & You, log on and follow the booking process
  • Choose 3 or more tickets
  • At the Payment page choose Deals & You under exciting offers
  • Enter the offer code and press apply discount
  • System will validate the offer code based on the below Terms and Condition and will apply the Discount for the 3rd Ticket (only the cost of the ticket will be discounted)
  • Proceed with the transaction by choosing your payment option and avail the 3rd ticket absolutely free
The Deal

A part of Orbgen Technologies Pvt. Ltd, TicketNew is one of the best places on internet to check out latest movies, sporting events, plays, theatres and other entertainment activities happening in your city. Tickets can be booked through internet and mobile application platform.

TicketNew is an e-ticketing website that is gaining quite a momentum among urbanites. The site sports a user-friendly interface that enable a hassle-free transaction, letting you to buy the tickets of your favorite movies, plays and other entertaining events at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is log on to the site, opt for your desired movie, choose your seats and book your tickets online, anywhere throughout India.

Grab this Deal and enhance your movie-going experience!



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