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Rs 2000 can light a Bulb - Is it True

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Light a bulb with Rs 2000 noteA video on You tube shows that Rs 2000 note can light a bulb. All you have to do is keep the Rs 2000 note under Sun for 30 seconds and then connect it with the green strip on both ends and Voila! the bulb ignites. This is what the video getting Viral on you tube is representing.

Is it Possible that something like a Solar Panel can be hidden inside a note. No it's not possible at least with this Rs 2000 note. The video is a Prank or it is only made to get more You tube views and earn from the adverts - Share on Facebook

BSNL Express 4G SimNo, BSNL not giving free 4G data for 1 year, the offer message is a scam and may contain virus, So do not open the link given.  The message is circulating on Wats App with the heading ‘BSNL is offering free 4G unlimited data and voice calls for a period of one year,’ Please do not click on the link in the message, or forward it to anyone. The hoax message is a huge scam and someone can misuse your personal information. 

Forward this message to your near and dear and make them aware about the Scam. Ever since Reliance Jio offered free 4G services scamsters prey on unsuspecting victims to make some money by tricking the customers with the help of Social Media platforms like Wats App, facebook etc. 


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